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The Tamar Valley Resort is a quick 15 minute drive fom Launceston’s CBD and only a 40 minute drive from Launceston’s Airport makes the resort style accommodation the best choice for any group get-aways!

The ideal location of only being a quick drive from Launceston is so convienient et with the Tamar Valley Resorts gorgeous location in the heart of the Tamar Valley you feel a million miles away from the hustle and bustle.

Share your Tamar Valley Resort experience with family and friends by making a group booking with us. Tamar Valley Resort Gridnelwald is the ideal choice for those looking for Tasmania group accommodation.
Enjoy an unforgettable time together on your own holiday! Tamar Valley Resort is the ideal choice for those looking for group accommodation options within Launceston. Arrange your stay in one of our hotel suites, villa’s or family style chalets. The Resort boasts over 97 rooms so there is for sure a room type that will suite every family!

Group bookings are perfect for getaways with friends, family gatherings, or simply a well-earned holiday with your loved ones. Pair a group booking with a group dinner in our Alpenrose Bistro or a day of activities like a round of 18 hole mini golf course and you are well on the way to making treasured family memories.

To discuss some group accommodation options please contact our Groups Manager

Sarah Cannell
03 6330 0494